Brand New Look, Same Great Taste

The more I look through all the blogs of photographers who I greatly admire, the more weddings appeal to me. I've been thinking that maybe next year I might want to start shooting weddings. SO, I've been working on a new look, a new name, new brand, new well... everything!

I've transfered these blog posts over to the new blog which I will continue posting on. This blog will stay open to direct over to the new sites. I also have an ACTUAL WEBSITE! Which I am so proud of because I programed it myself - something I never thought I'd be able to do. So if you could, once you click over to the new site or the new blog, add them to your favorites and I look forward to posting on the new blog!!

Welcome Baby Vincent!

"I feel like I've known him my whole life. And I don't know what I'd do without him." New mother Jess spoke the same words I had spoken only two years ago. This last Saturday I spent the morning with 8 day old Vincent Miguel and his lovely mama. Talking about labor and delivery brought me back to those first magical months. Those months where sleep, showers and whole meals are hard to come by but you hardly notice because you've got the most amazing baby in the world. Who needs sleep when you've got this little one?You could tell he was already in love with his mom.
And that she felt the same :)
Of course all new babies love to nurse! I think he would have stayed there the whole time if we'd let him!
Here's his papa, John who was sleeping nearly the whole time I was there - Booooo!
This one is my favorite of the day

If you're a friend of Jess or a family member, leave me a comment and let me know what you think! And Click here to see all the photos from the day :) Thanks for stopping by


Looks good in dots

This morning I woke up and asked the sun if she could lay off today. Just for today. I'm gonna be out ALL day, I told her. Her reply was, "oh no. No no no no no, I don't think so." And just for ASKING, she gave Arizona double sun and double heat today.

My day started early and ended late -So I'm exhausted but I'll post tons more soon, and for now, here's a preview of 8 day old Vinnie who looks good in dots.


We're Fascinating Creatures

Have you gotten a Frances England Cd for your kids yet? I ordered mine through the Pokey Pup and just received it today in the mail. I guess this is the older one, so I'll have to order the newer one soon. Frances writes the most beautiful children's songs - you can click here and here to hear clips of her music.


Linking Love

I'm finally getting around to posting a few blogs I've come favor over all the rest. I've been meaning to do this for awhile because I'm sure everyone out there is always looking for a good blog to read. Lets start at the top:
1. Dooce. I'm sure everyone knows already about Heather B. She's called "Goddess of Blogging" and although I'm not much for profanity, her writing is pure gold. She's by far the most relatable person online and I can't say enough good things about her.

Heather lives in Utah with hubby Jon, Daughter Leta, Dog Chuck and Dog Coco. She's gone from BYU grad to a web designer in LA to a wife and mother in Utah. After reading just one of her posts, (particularly her monthly newsletters) your eyes will sting from crying so much and your abs will hurt from laughing so hard. You'll leave her blog an emotional mess with a greater appreciation for life, love and your family.

I first found MeRa last May when I was just discovering photo blogs. I think they way she is different from other photographers is that EACH INDIVIDUAL PHOTO IS CAREFULLY THOUGHT THROUGH. When I say that, I mean it. A lot of great photographers give a lot of sparkly images but none really evoke emotion or tell a story like MeRa's.

Her blog is loaded with photography tips and each month she holds a photo contest that her readers can enter and vote on. If you're a mom and love to take pictures of your kids, you'll dig MeRa's blog.

3. The [b] school.
Becker is probably the COOLEST photographer on the planet. He's been shooting weddings forever and has a ton of knowledge and his giving spirit decided to start the [b] school. Right now it's a video blog for photographers giving tips on taking photos, running your business, photoshopping, etc. Soon the [b] school will launch and be a place for photographers to learn and network with each other.

Beckers personal blog is another one of my favorites. Just look at these images!

Don't they totally take your breath away? Get addicted to [b]eckers blog, you can thank me later.

I actually used to spend hours at church camp with Melissa Hester trying to better understand The Bible. I'd thumb through HER copy in awe of ALL THE NOTES in the margins. Years later, I saw a beautiful photo taken by 'Melissa Jill.' Then I saw ANOTHER photo by Melissa Jill. Finally, I googled Melissa Jill and found that it was my Melissa Hester. Her blog is one of the best out there because she posts so often! I lose interest in a blog when the blogger posts like, once a month... Melissa posts FAQs from other photographers, she checks off one by one her 101 goals, and of course, she posts crystal clear, bright and shiny photos.

This blog is perfect for ANY mom out there. Theres so much to read through and take from it. This is a blog you really GET INVOLVED with. I think the banner alone is a great explination: Bringing Moms Togeher!

He Talks!

Kayden has been saying "Bubba" lately. Only today did we figure out it means Zebra.


More From Tucson

On our Tucson photo hunt, I found this awesome stoop. I wanted to get a shot of Kayden sitting like a little angel on one of the steps. I sat him down and backed up while he got up, walked over to the door and KNOCKED! Fortunately, no one answered, but he was anything but cooperative. Much too curious about these people and their stuff.
Last but not least, my friend Marilyn recently returned from Hawaii and brought me back this beautiful turtle necklace.
Isn't it the sweetest little turtle you've ever seen? Thanks, Marilyn! I love it!

Also, I just saw for the first time a preview for Hancock - it looks fantastic!!! I totally can't wait to see it!



This last weekend was a convention in Tucson so we got to stay in a hotel. Kayden was excited to have so many pillows on one bed.

We arrived late the first day, so I had to park 4 blocks from the Convention Center and walk. On my way, I went on a mini photo safari and caught a little Tucson personality. I mostly saw colorful doors and windows since it was a residential area. Look at this guy with all the knobs.

And these three - crazy colors, huh?

This one might be my favorite from the neighborhood.
A few more coming tomorrow - I hope you enjoyed my first official [mini] photo safari!



We're off to Tucson for the weekend and I am stoked! I've really only driven through Tucson, so I'm really looking forward to spending some time walking around the town. Wish us safe travels and I'll post when we return!

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. ~Susan Heller


24 Months


I have a two year old! In a year... I'll have a THREE year old... in three years, my son will be in kindergarden... and I can go on thinking this way until all of a sudden, I have a 25 year old.

Monday was actually Kayden's second birthday and to do something special, we took him swimming at Uncle Matt's. He loved it. He'd dip his face in the water. He'd kick kick kick kick. And he'd jump off the edge into our arms.

Eric and I had planned to see The Hulk movie after Kayden went to bed that night, but instead, my mother fell and broke her ankle as we were leaving. It goes without saying - this week has been hard. Really hard.

I have made some resolutions this week though. I talked to a friend who did a Raw Food Diet for two weeks and said she felt AMAZING afterward. Although a 100% raw food diet probably isn't likely for me, I have increased my raw fruit and veggie intake significantly and cut way back on soda and sugary drinks. I've also started finding the time to run daily. Besides feeling good physically, I actually feel a lot better mentally. The time I spend running gives me some much needed thinking time as well as time to listen to my ipod, which I never get to do. I choose the music, I choose the pace, I choose what road to take - it feels great.

I also want to start posting "one thing I learn" at every shoot. I'm still a newbie in photography but still think that I might figure out a little pearl of wisdom at each shoot and should share it. Regardless of if the reader says, "no duh" or "thats a great tip" I think it will help me. And I know photographers always try to give each other tips here and there, so I should start too!

Thats my week - thanks so much for reading!




Last Day as a One Year Old!

I can't hardly believe that tomorrow, I will have a TWO year old! Over the past year he has done so much. He started walking, then running, then climbing, then climbing higher and higher. He seems to make a new discovery daily. Discovering whats in this cupboard and that drawer, how his toys come apart, what that button does, what the side of the table tastes like.

He said his first word at about 15 months - LION. He said it in a little "growl" voice, which he knew was appropriate. Since then, he hasn't said lion... but he does say Banana - it's actually NANA - which is the same word he uses for PANDA. He says Bubble, Rock, Choo Choo Train, and Fish. He also says mama and daddy often. We're anxiously waiting for him to say "Grandma" who sometimes seems to be his favorite person on Earth... besides me, of course. :P

We love him more and more every day and are so thankful for this last year.


Expecting Mother: Jess

A couple days ago, I shot my first official Maternity shoot with Jess. Jess was a perfect model: up for anything, goofy, fun and BEAUTIFUL!!
These are some of my favorites - this one reminded me a lot of when I was pregnant - always day dreaming about your little one

Shortie better enjoy this attention while he can! He's already getting sprayed with a water bottle every time he sets foot in the nurseryDoesn't she look like a gap model? They should use this photo to launch their maternity line :P
This surprised me that this one was my favorite... I usually don't like my black and whites this extreme, but it really works for this photo.
I also wanted to take a second and say HELLOOOOOO MICHIGAN!!! Since Jess's baby shower, I've gotten tons of hits from her hometown in Michigan - so thanks everyone for stopping by! Check back after the baby arrives for some newborn shots too!
CLICK HERE to view all of the photos from the shoot and for print details


Jessica's Baby Shower

Yesterday was Jess' babyshower and I loved it. I love all things baby anyway - so this was so much fun.
The shower was hosted by Elizabeth who totally reminds me of my best friend in high school - she was completely sweet and hospitable.
This gift got all the attention - it was beautifully wrapped with receiving blankets.
The mom to be and the grandma to be.

We're doing Jess' actual maternity shoot in the next couple days so you'll see more of her soon - but we had to get some "This is my baby shower shots" because she looked so cute!

My favorite of the day
I saw this mom and her little girl and had to pull them outside for a couple mother daughter pics.

I love the way they turned out


This is George - he was the only guy there and his prize from one of the games was this set of pink bath stuff - too funny!


Measuring out crepe paper to guess the size of Jess' belly


Baby Chloe got so much attention

She got some amazing gifts...

... I was actually totally jealous of this one - some Arbonne Baby products

Poor George

Her hat of ribbons - she wore it proudly


Mama and hostess
The mom and dad - aren't they cute?

Thanks for making me a part of your special day - you guys will be great parents!