Jeremy and Taylor are actually Joshua's cousins (From the last 2 posts) and so we had to get some shots of all three of them. I will say that it is a million times harder to get a good picture of THREE kids - one is totally easy, but three is totally difficult - especially since one of them can't even hold his little head up yet! But this one is my favorite:Doesn't Taylor have the sweetest little face?
Do you kinda feel a little bad for the little one? He's trying so hard to hold his head up for the picture. :-( We didn't stay in this pose for too long...
This one is another one of my favorites - I love how he's looking at her - and how she's still enough of a baby to enjoy some baby toys
And one of all of them - definitely a fun day!!
Meet Jeremy
I thought driving to the shoot that he might be a little camera shy... he was quite the opposite
He's a really handsome kid though - look at this model face!
Meet Taylor
You can't help but fall in love with her and then start thinking if there's ANY way to steal her without anyone noticing...
There isn't
Meet beautiful mama Leslie
Maybe my favorite brother sister shot of the day
Are you falling in love with her yet??My favorite of Jeremy
As you can see, it was hard to get an unposed picture of him - but I rather like this one
I made the mistake of bringing balloons. Here she is perfectly happy with them and then we decide that's enough with the balloons and take them away
Then this happens
Mama explains that it's brother's turn with the balloons - LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!!!
We get back inside and get this little series
I think this is the "I'm done" look..


Meet Joshua and his mama JenniferCan you tell they're totally in love?
Jennifer is completely gorgeous and way too put together for being a new momDon't you love little chubby faces?
He's still so little he doesn't know what is going on! He's only 3 months and I seriously can't remember Kayden being this small.
He climbed up there on his own
Completely sweet, huh? Jennifer, it was so nice meeting you and thank you letting me be a part in documenting Joshua's first months of Babyhood!