More From Tucson

On our Tucson photo hunt, I found this awesome stoop. I wanted to get a shot of Kayden sitting like a little angel on one of the steps. I sat him down and backed up while he got up, walked over to the door and KNOCKED! Fortunately, no one answered, but he was anything but cooperative. Much too curious about these people and their stuff.
Last but not least, my friend Marilyn recently returned from Hawaii and brought me back this beautiful turtle necklace.
Isn't it the sweetest little turtle you've ever seen? Thanks, Marilyn! I love it!

Also, I just saw for the first time a preview for Hancock - it looks fantastic!!! I totally can't wait to see it!


Me Ra Koh said...

Denise, these images are beautiful!! I love the post process you chose. Wonderful job. And I also love your blog header! Is that new because I don't remember seeing it? It's AWESOME and so eye catching!!!

babyhood photography said...

Oh, how cool! I KNEW YOU WERE BLOGSTALKING ME!!! lol, just kidding :P

Why, yes, my header IS new. I read and noticed all her headers are really crazy with a lot of layers and elements, so I wanted to take mine and sort of give it a little more - Thank you for the compliment - I Receive :)